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Weight: 0.18ct
Shape: Round
Origin: Natural
Color: Pink
Intensity: Fancy Vivid
Fancy Color: Pink
Overtone: Purplish
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good
Measurements: 3.56 x 3.58 x 2.25 mm
Certificate: GIA


A rare and superb natural diamond. 0.18ct fancy vivid purplish pink diamond from the Argyle mine in Australia. Breathtaking color, rare round brilliant shape. Certified by GIA and carries a laser inscription of the unique Argyle mine symbol. This diamond has an authentic Argyle certificate which makes it a very special collectors item.


  • White/transparent inclusions only, good SI3 eye clean clarity!
  • Large sized, this is a true statement ring stone
  • Full of light and sparkle - near colorless stone!
  • No milky face or brownish/greenish hue
  • 100% natural - not treated or enhanced whatsoever


REDDIAM LTD has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the global fancy colored diamond industry. The company manufactures and exports 0.1 to 20 carats diamonds, with a wide variety of shapes and colors, specializing in fancy colors.

REDDIAM LTD's production line takes place both in Israel and Russia.
The company employs 30 professional polishers with over 15 years of experience in handling a wide range of stones.
During production, the stones are subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process by the company's experts and are then sent to an external gemologist inspection at world leading gemology labs such as the GIA and IGI.
In addition, REDDIAM LTD is a certified member of the world federation of diamond bourses (WFDB) which is commited to ensuring high standards of service and business conduct, as well as ensuring safe and fair trade. As WFDB members we at REDDIAM LTD guarantee never to trade in conflict diamonds.

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